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The wake of COVID 19 brought to an end many activities, changing lives significantly. Indoor dining has been among the most adored ways to enjoy meals for many. With the winter season approaching, outdoor dining seems to be the trend for many restaurants internationally. Fortunately, hotels in New York have become innovative with outdoor setups providing numerous options for their guests. The hotels have designed huts and are now using heaters to warm up the environment during the winter. Here are some of New York’s most endearing destinations for outdoor eating.

The Ampia Restaurant

Ampia is one of the most adored destinations for Halloween festivals. The restaurant has several unique amenities, such as greenhouses. With ample space for outdoor dining, observing social distancing is not a challenge. The carved pumpkins in the garden create an irresistible atmosphere for the guests seated outside. The hotel features an Italian rooftop terrace and carefully installed flashlights to bring a festive mood. Most guests opt to sit in the greenhouses to enjoy a unique experience.

American Brass

American Brass stands out among the best restaurants in New York, offering a clear view of the East River and the Manhattan horizon. The hotel has designed one of the most venerated outdoor dining platforms. With 15 transparent greenhouses, guests can dine as they enjoy an unobstructed view of the surrounding scenery.

The Crown Shy

Crown Shy collaborated with American Express to come up with an endearing outdoor dining setup, shy village. The transformation led to the introduction of warm yurts, where guests can book reservations. However, only cardholders can enjoy services in the yurts. The restaurant is ideal for cold seasons and executive meetings.

Café du Soleil

Among the available outdoor dining options in New York, Café du Soleil presents its uniqueness through a French theme. Recent renovation efforts introduced a series of dome-like structures around the dining tables. Between the benches are transparent bubbles for separating guests. That way, individuals can dine with confidence and in complete safety.

While COVID-19 has interfered with usual restaurant activities, families and friends have embraced outdoor dining. New York is one of the most vibrant cities, with many businesses and activities running daily. It is a top choice destination for most foreign and local tourists. Restaurants continue revamping their outdoor setups with social distancing as the primary consideration.