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New York City has so many restaurants that the options may seem overwhelming. While some restaurants may be disappointing and overpriced, others will be worth the trip to NYC. These are some of NYC’s best-hidden gems to visit for a great dining adventure. Anyone looking for a fun dining experience should explore these restaurants as soon as they reopen.


Located on 88 2nd Avenue, this restaurant is the place to go for delicious, high-quality pasta. This charming restaurant would be perfect for a nice lunch with friends or a sweet first date. The atmosphere inside is fun, and they have an adorable outdoor section as well. They also have excellent wine to complement their dishes. 

Takahachi East Village

Anyone who enjoys sushi needs to check out this restaurant. This is a great place to bring friends who love Japanese food. They have a good variety of options at surprisingly low prices. The restaurant is located at 85 Avenue A. One thing to keep in mind is that there can be a wait sometimes, so it is best to arrive on the earlier side. 

The Fat Raddish

This is a wonderful restaurant for healthy eaters who love vegetables. Their dishes are fresh and tasty, and they have plenty of filling options on the menu as well as daily specials. The restaurant also has an aesthetically pleasing look, just like the food. The Fat Raddish is located on 17 Orchard Street and will be worth the Lower East Side trip.


Also located on the Lower East Side, this fun, trendy restaurant is the perfect place to go for a lovely brunch with family. Unlike some brunch venues, Sonnyboy is open all day. They have an impressive variety of delicious eggs and coffee and are located at 65 Rivington Street.

Tiny’s & The Bar Upstairs

This eatery on 135 W Broadway is the perfect place to grab a drink with friends or go on a date. The atmosphere is super cute, and a picture there can bring anyone’s social media feeds to the next level. The food is fresh, tasty, and made from fresh ingredients from local markets. The cocktails also make an excellent after-work treat.