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Cooking and entertaining can be a challenge when you don’t have a lot of room to work with, but there are several ways to utilize the space you do have and actually enjoy your time spent in the kitchen. When you’re working within a small space, here are some ways to get creative in order to maximize what you have. 

Use Only the Necessary Tools

You don’t need a million knives or gadgets to prepare a great meal. A sharp knife, cutting board, measuring cups, and a few pots and pans are all you really need to get an excellent meal on the table. If you must have the latest gadget, make sure it’s one that you can hang up or slide in a drawer so it doesn’t take up precious counter space.

Prep Once, Cook Twice

Cut down on cook time and maximize space by prepping enough ingredients at once for two meals. While you’re cutting onions for your homemade bolognese sauce tonight, you can place a handful of chopped onions in a container for tomorrow night’s stir-fry. You’ll end up with more time to enjoy your meal because you’ll be spending less time on prep and cleanup.

Keep it Simple

Some of the best meals have the simplest ingredients. One of the most beloved foods in America is grilled cheese. Whether you use American, cheddar, swiss, or pimento cheese, the concept of having two slices of thick bread slathered with butter and toasted to perfection doesn’t get much better than that. Sometimes the best tasting recipes are all about using a few quality ingredients instead of a bunch of random things. When living in a small space it’s important to try to avoid using up as much room as possible, including counter, pantry, and refrigerator space.

Clean as You Go Along

There’s nothing worse than having a sink full of dishes at the end of a meal. Avoid this by washing dishes and wiping counters as you cook. By the time you’re done with your meal, all you’ll need to wash are the plates, cups, and utensils.

Make the Space Your Own

You’ll enjoy being in the kitchen more if you decorate it to suit your tastes. Add in some fun towels, a few candles, and a comfy kitchen rug to spruce up the space and make it your own.