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The birthplace of a brand is sometimes a factor in its success, and New York is renowned for being a start-up location for many prosperous food brands in the United States. The food and retail service industry in the USA generates approximately $5.32 trillion every year, which is a clear indication that the food and beverage sector is still a booming business. The following are a few food brands that started in New York City.


New Yorkers love their pizza, so it’s no surprise they developed a platform that allows users to locate an ideal local pizza place. Slice was founded in 2004. It has headquarters in the Flatiron district. It offers an alternative that allows consumers to access exclusive deals as well as to place a direct order to the pizzeria of their choice. 


This company offers customers an opportunity to eat high-end restaurant foods from the comfort of their own homes. Users subscribe to Freshly services and make a selection from any number of meals that users then heat and eat themselves. Freshly is known for using healthy ingredients when cooking, enabling it to deliver higher-scale, nutritious foods.


SevenRooms was founded in 2011, and since then it has been trusted by high-end hotels and nightclubs to manage their guests. SevenRooms smoothly manages reservations for a variety of venues, including nightclubs, hotels, and restaurants. It manages a broad range of categories, from booking hotel rooms to finding suitable VIP tables. 


More and more frequently, the sustainability and ethics of a brand are becoming deciding factors among consumers. HowGood is a comprehensive food sustainability database that offers guidance to consumers on the best brands to purchase. Information on numerous brands can be accessed via their app, in-store advertisements, or on their website.


The presence of competing information in the market makes it hard for consumers to distinguish between what is healthy and what is not. ALOHA makes it easies by providing snack bars, teas, and protein products made from whole ingredients. The company’s products are advertised as non-GMO, soy-free, plant-based, vegan, dairy-free, organic, and gluten-free goods.

Blue Apron

This company is passionate about changing the way people cook at home. Customers subscribe to a weekly service that delivers all the required ingredients needed to make a quality home-made meal. In addition, the company has a sommelier on-staff who picks a wine to accompany each meal.